During a recent radio interview, Chris Brown revealed that despite past comments, a potential VERZUZ battle may not be out of the question. He said, “I’ma keep it a hundred. I’ve been talking to the people so we might figure something out but I ain’t gon’ say nothing yet. I ain’t gonna get nobody hype yet.” He added, “The check ain’t been cut, none of that.”

He later explained why he was hesistant to do a VERZUZ, saying, “Me at my career now, I ain’t hanging no towel up. I don’t feel that I wanna go up against somebody that might not be in there. It’s too much of a Verzuz for me. I don’t want to have to overshadow nobody or really, ‘Damn, that boy killed this person.’ I don’t even want to go back and forth with none of that.”

He continued, “I’ll do some Verzuz in like 15 years when I’m gray hairs and all that sh*t,” he joked.

Chris Brown's new album Breezy is due out this Friday (June 24th).