Will Smith's estranged sister Ellen Smith seemingly spoke on the controversy surrounding Jada Pinkett-Smith and singer August Alsina. Last week, Alsina revealed that he and Jada were involved in a years-long romantic relationship. Both Will and Jada denied Alsina's claims.

Smith wrote via Instagram, “Those you follow and admire so much promoting truth & 'keeping it real' don't seem so admirable right now huh?” She cotninued, “My only response is research your hero's sic, roll models sic and your advisors. Everyone has a past. Some whose are relevant to the present. Pay attention please on your journey and in life. Use your intuition and discernment. If their energy feels off it probably is. People will be wolves in sheep’s clothing pretending to help you but really manipulating a situation or person to suit their own malicious needs. #staywoke.”

Meanwhile, Jada's mom Adrienne Banfield- Norris seemingly weighed in as well. She wrote on social media, “Get rid of the pedestal you put people on. Recognize that people are only people with flaws and imperfections just like you and me. Do that and you’ll be much happier. Cause guess what??? They already are! Sleep well, beloveds! #keepitpushin.”