Will Smith and Martin Lawrence stopped by the Apollo Theater in Harlem last week to do a #CRWN interview with Elliot Wilson. During the interview, the two spoke about how important it was for Bad Boys For Life to be done right. Smith said, “At the time that we did the first one, ’95, it was two Black guys in a movie. That was a big deal back then! It was like just what Bad Boys meant to the community and then we came back with Bad Boys 2 and it worked and I just didn’t want to wreck the franchise. I felt like I had other sequels in my career that I didn’t feel like… I didn’t land it… but with this one, I just wanted to protect this franchise.”

He continued, “I wanted to make sure that the story was right, that it had something to say, that it was funny, and that it deserved to be made again — not just ‘people like sequels, so let’s just do a sequel.’ The bad boys had to come correct.”

Smith also talked about working with James Avery, who played Uncle Phil on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. He talked about working alongside Avery during his very iconic scene when Will's dad came to visit him in Beverly Hills

He said, “And we go and we do the scene and we go through . . . I'm looking right in his eyes . . . and I give the performance and I fall in his arms and he whispers in my ear. . . now that's good f*ckin acting”

He continued, “He just wrecked me. He wrecked me in that one. That was my dude. James Avery. He was the best of the best, man!”

Bad Boys For Life hits theaters on January 17th.


Fresh Prince of Bel-Air's iconic scene with Will's dad:

Uncle Phil: “I'm sorry. If there was something I can do. ” … Will: “How come he don't want me man?”

FRESH PRINCE OF BEL AIR Will Smith’s Iconic Scene with his dad :

Will Smith talks about iconic Fresh Prince scene with James Avery :