Ioan Gruffud, Bam Margera, Tyler James Williams + More!

IOAN GRUFFUDD'S 13-YEAR-OLD DAUGHTER FILES RESTRAINING ORDER AGAINST HIM: People reports that Fantastic Four actor Ion Gruffudd's 13-year-old daughter Ella has filed a restraining order against him. Gruffudd shares Ella with his former wife... Read More.

Bam Margera Is Allegedly Addicted To Meth

Bam Margera's brother, Jess Margera, took to Twitter on Wednesday (April 26th) to share more details about a recent domestic dispute. This comes after Pennsylvania State Police announced on Monday (April 24th) that they... Read More.

Bam Margera, Chris Appleton, Lukas Gage + More!

BAM MARGERA FACES CRIMINAL CHARGES AFTER PUNCHING HIS BROTHER IN THE FACE: According to AP News, an arrest warrant has been issued for Bam Margera. Pennsylvania State Police announced on Monday (April 24th) that... Read More.

Steve-O Begs Bam Margera To Get Sober

Jackass star Steve-O is pleading with his longtime friend and costar Bam Margera to get sober. Last week, Steve-O wrote and deleted a comment on an Instagram post by Margera, begging him to "choose... Read More.