The Talk’s Elaine Welteroth is accusing Sharon Osbourne‘s camp of illegally recording her following an on-air confrontation between Osbourne and her co-host Sheryl Underwood.

In a report published by The Daily Mail on Thursday, Welteroth comforted a sobbing Osbourne after a tense discussion with Underwood during which Osbourne defended her friend Piers Morgan‘s controversial remarks about Meghan Markle. Osbourne has since left The Talk, due to this and other rumors that she made cruel, homophobic and racist remarks to other hosts.

One source told Page Six: “They’re masquerading like it was a ‘hot mic’ moment, but they were not wearing the show’s mics at all. Someone in Sharon’s camp illegally recorded their conversation and leaked it. It was the ultimate Karen move. Sharon is the unhinged TV Karen.”

Another source said of the leak: “This is her . . . vendetta against the show. She’s probably been holding onto the audio for this moment. It’s no coincidence that it was released as the show announced Jerry O’Connell as her replacement. It’s pretty crappy because everyone thought they’d move on and was ready for the new chapter.”