Selma Blair covers the latest Town & Country, and inside, the 48-year-old spoke openly about the effects of her multiple sclerosis diagnosis on her life.

An unexpected saving grace has been makeup, she says: “I’ve been made up by some of the most famous makeup artists since I started acting, and I’ve felt so transformed by their makeup that I really did become a different person. It was a superpower to me, and I mean this. Makeup is not trivial to me. If anything moves the needle for me in my life — even before my diagnosis or challenges — it is my gorgeous war paint.”

She tells Town & Country that while she’s lost a lot of fine mother skills: “I don’t mind if my muscles get caught at the intersection of a slow brain signal. I just want those words to come from lips covered in Chanel gloss.”

Blair hopes to serve as inspiration to other disabled people, she says: “I am aware my challenges affect other hopeful or isolated people — and a few of them may be joyful snobs like me. I'm very comfortable in my body, mostly because I am now making a deeper positive connection with it. I am fascinated by this body and this life. I am humbled and pleased to be any inspiration for people.”