Timothee Chalamet is opening up about fame, the best advice he’s gotten and love. He also (kind of) responded to the rape, abuse and assault allegations leveled against his Call Me By Your Name costar Armie Hammer. While he denies the allegations, several women came out against Hammer, and he has largely been out of view since. In an interview with Time, the 25-year-old Dune star said: “I totally get why you’re asking that. But it’s a question worthy of a larger conversation, and I don’t want to give you a partial response.”

On fame, he said: “I’m figuring it out,” Chalamet says. “On my worst days, I feel a tension in figuring it out. But on my best days, I feel like I’m growing right on time.”

On advice he’s gotten and taken to heart from fellow stars: “No hard drugs, and no superhero movies.”

On what he stands for: “I feel like I’m here to show that to wear your heart on your sleeve is O.K.”

On the forthcoming Dune: “Dune was written 60 years ago, but its themes hold up today. A warning against the exploitation of the environment, a warning against colonialism, a warning against technology.”