Wild N Out star and entrepreneur B. Simone was dragged on social media yesterday after she revealed during an interview with Nick Cannon that she couldn't date a man who had a 9-5 job. She explained, “He can’t have a 9-5. I mean, he can be a hustling entrepreneur… He can’t be clocking in…I think entrepreneurs should date entrepreneurs.”

She continued, “You’re not gonna understand my lifestyle, you’re not gonna understand why I’m up at 3AM and you… you know, he has to be an entrepreneur… or moving into that direction.”

One person reacted via Twitter, saying, "B. Simone is 30 year old, never been in a relationship, been an entrepreneur for one year and got all this to say? Lmfaoo and people listening?? LMFAOO."

Another wrote, "B. Simone talking sh*t about  9-5 jobs like Nick Cannon don’t sign off on her checks. Like sis Face with tears of joy."

B. Simone criticized for saying she wouldn’t date a 9-5 guy :

B. Simone responds to the backlash :