MATT BARNES HAS CONVERSATION WITH AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLER FOR KOBE BRYANT'S HELICOPTER: Matt Barnes took to Instagram to reveal that he met the air traffic controller for Kobe Bryant's helicopter. He said that the unnamed man walked up to him in the supermarket, told him who he was and they spent about 30 minutes discussing the details of Kobe's crash. Matt said that the air traffic controller discussed conversations he had with the pilot, Ara Zobayan, and what the pilot was doing, he also revealed to Matt that he is still shaken up by the incident and has to seek counseling. Matt said he plans to talk to interview him for his All the Smoke podcast.

NENE LEAKES WALKS OFF REUNION: NeNe Leakes has confirmed that she walked off during the taping of the season 12 reunion. In a video posted to her YouTube page, NeNe revealed that she decided to walk off set once Yovanna Momplaisir was bought on to the set to discuss “snake gate” — the incident where Yovanna claimed she had a recording of Cynthia slamming NeNe Leakes. Leakes also complained about being treated unfairly on the reunion show. Meanwhile, this weekend, NeNe leaked text messages from Yovanna saying that her husband did not want her to release any audio of Cynthia, because he thought she would take legal action.

YOVANNA MOMPLAISIR TELLS HER SIDE OF THE STORY: Meanwhile, Yovanna addressed the texts with B. Scott, saying, “I want to first address these text messages that were posted. That, right there, only proves further what I stated at the reunion and what was in your article.” She continued, “The time when NeNe got up and didn’t return is when I got there. She should’ve plead her case when she was paid to. She ran at the reunion. She tried time and time again to prevent me from speaking my truth on this whole situation. What you’re seeing is her attempt to manipulate people’s minds before the reunion aired.” When asked if she feels betrayed by NeNe, Yovanna said, “Absolutely, I feel that I was used. That’s the word. I thought she was a friend and genuinely felt that we were real friends, but over time she played her real cards. Once she was back in cool with everyone else, it was like ‘Okay, I don’t need you anymore."” The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ season 12 reunion airs May 10 at 8pm on Bravo.

JASON MITCHELL SAYS HIS ARREST WAS A BIG MISUNDERSTANDING: Jason Mitchell was arrested last week in Mississippi for drugs and weapons that were found in his car after being pulled over by cops but his agent Dr. Glenn Toby told TMZ that the drugs and weapons didn't belong to Jason. Toby said that Mitchell was actually taking his immediate family to a safer place to live while in quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic after where they were previously staying became too dangerous. Dr. Toby said that the car Mitchell was driving didn’t belong to him and was actually a rental car that was rented by a friend of his. Mitchell allegedly decided to use his friend’s rental instead of using a car service to avoid being exposed to the deadly virus.