Jada Pinkett-Smith has admitted that she has a difficult time setting boundaries and that has lead to relationship issues. During a recent episode of  Red Table Talk, Smith said about setting boundaries, "I definitely realized that it is a huge weakness of mine."

She continued, "I have a difficult time setting boundaries with it all, whether it's work, family, kids, friends.  With me, I get angry if you make me set a boundary. I get angry at you. Isn't that crazy? So, now you're putting me in a position that I gotta tell you to, 'Give me 50 feet.'"

She explained, "I definitely realized that it is a huge weakness of mine and has definitely played into a lot of relationship issues." 

According to Pinkett, there is also "no right or wrong" instance when it comes to setting boundaries.  She explained, "Sometimes, I feel like the boundaries that I'm asking for are petty.  Like, I'm real old school. Don't come into the house if I don't really know you and just go in my pantry. You know what I mean?"

She later discussed a recent situation where she had to set boundaries, saying, "I really get angry when I'm forced to set a boundary. I realized that the other day with a friend of mine, where I was like, 'I really have to talk to this person about this issue that I'm having.'Then I got mad at that person for making me have to advocate for myself. And that was deep! That was deep."