TINASHE REVEALS JACK HARLOW REPLACED HER WITH CHRIS BROWN ON 'BEST FRIENDS': Tinashe has revealed that Jack Harlow replaced her with Chris Brown on "Best Friend." She tweeted earlier this week, "One thing about me — If we date I will definitely write multiple albums about you. Literally hundreds of songs. Do with that information what you will." When someone asked her to write a "bisexual anthem," she responded, "I made one with j*ck h*rlow but he put C*ris b*own on it instead lol."

KIELY WILLIAMS SAYS SHE THREW CHICKEN AT NATURI NAUGHTON BECAUSE SHE CALLED HER MOM A B*TCH: During last night's episode of BET Presents: The Encore, Kiely Williams opened up about the infamous incident where she through a bucket of KFC at former 3LW member Naturi Naughton.  She said, “I didn’t throw chicken at anybody. The chicken was in my hand but if you call my mother a b**ch, I’m throwing whatever." She continued, “Throwing hands, and whatever is in them over my mother. She is a saint. If my phone was in my hand and not my dinner she would’ve gotten that. And none of you would’ve done any different.

DANILEIGH IS HAVING A GIRL: DaniLeigh has revealed that she is having a baby girl. The singer posted a photo on Intagram of herself dressed in a pastel pink suit, along with the caption, “It’s a………..” followed pink heart emojis.